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Swept away with Royal Wedding Fever?


It should have been meAbsolutely! I was up early on my day off to see Kate and William exchange their royal vows, and like most of you watching with me, I was in my pajamas under a blanket on my sofa; my look complete with a tiara. Of course, I was eating my marmite on hot toast, ready to oooh, ahhh, and weep at the beauty of it all.  I was criticized by a few as being being too involved in the frivolity of it all; that those who camped out in front of Westminster Abbey were beyond the pale of sensible behavior.  But it can be argued that in America, we will camp out in front of Toys R Us for the latest gaming system of which they only made six or Best Buy for a 50 inch TV. The fact it will take up the entire living room forcing said campers to watch TV from the driveway in order to see it adequately has no bearing.  But I digress…

Kate looked wonderful, didn’t she?  She wore a Sarah Burton dress–tasteful, yet with a touch of sexy. No fluffy, Appalacian looking prom dress for her, no mam! The new Duchess of Cambridge reflected true English style and beauty! And her tiara!  A Cartier tiara, it was made in 1936 and given to the Queen on her 18th birthday; it pays to recycle your tiaras, ladies!  You never know when you may need it again.  And although Prince William looked arguably like he had the starring role in the Nut Cracker, he still looked handsome!

Many argue that while the Monarchy is supposed to be politically neutral, they leaned very obviously to the right.  Establishing today as a holiday for all of England to hopefully stay home from work to glue themselves to the television to imbibe in the pomp and circumstance of it all was certainly an indication of that.  Also, it is argued that it promotes the norms of heterosexuality, patriarchy, religious worship, military service, and – last but not least – fixed, titled status distinctions.   So, what?  For the royal couple, it was merely their day.  For the rest of us, it was simply a beautiful, extravagant event. Are there more important things going on?  You bet.  But the past few months have been filled with political insurrections, earthquakes, nuclear meltdowns, tornadoes, and political and economic decline in our own country as well as around the globe.  Today was just a nice break, a fairy tale wedding between a commoner and a Prince.  Nothing more.  To even believe other wise is to analyze and scrutinize the event way more than it deserves. Every girl deserves to be a princess, even those of us who are on the threshold of 40!

And let’s discuss that kiss…

Ok…so I have more passion when I kiss my own aging mother, but still, let’s remember one very important factor.  They are English.  And a bit of reserved manner is to be expected!  (They are also quite clever, too, as my favorite slogan for the day was, “Checkmate, Kate! You got your King!”).  In America our celebrity weddings involve a bleach blond, bikini clad bride with a hungover, tattooed groom on a beach with Kid Rock singing the first dance song as the disheveled bride and groom stick their tongues down each others throats.  A quick, shy kiss that we would have missed if we blinked on a balcony with the RAF flying over head is a refreshing and novel idea as far as I am concerned!

So, I shall revel and basque in the fairy tale, in the hope for every princess to marry her prince!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must start designing my fascinator for Harry’s big day…

The kiss