What’s your Theme Song?


I was out walking tonight as I am wont to do when I need to think and gain a little clarity and I heard the Indigo Girls Closer to Fine on my iPod.  I actually developed more of a spring in my step upon hearing the two ladies begin their guitar and vocal harmony. If my life had a theme song, this would be it, no question.  It had been a long day and, as with most of my long days, I will say or do something that shines a not so flattering spotlight on my disposition. I have a tendency to see things in black and white when clearly a shade of gray is appropriate. I mount my high horse, lose sight of what’s important, and lose perspective altogether sometimes. It’s those moments afterward that I wish my theme song would blare as I walked into the sunset, feeling all too human.

Theme songs–our favorite movies have them. What would The Last of the Mohicans be with out Clannad’s No Matter Where You Go, I Will Find You or The Kiss? Apocolypse Now with its marriage of classic rock from the 1960’s and classical music is unforgettable. Star Wars–need I say more?

We all have a theme song and they certainly change with our moods and circumstances. They validate our emotions with crisp incisiveness. They are our lives put to music and poetry, and to hear them makes us feel better.

So, what is YOUR theme song?

“There’s more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line.  And the less I seek my source for some definitive, the closer I am to fine…”


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  1. Mary, I love ya…and I, too, love, love everything about that song. I’ll suffle my iPod and it creeps up at just the moment that I need to hear it. You’re a beautiful person, a wonderful friend and a damn good writer…so, keep going and I’ll keep reading.

    My theme song? It changes…lately it’s been “Soul Shine” by Beth Hart. Amazing to listen to on a morning walk when the sun is rising.

  2. Hey Mary Babe!

    Love you to pieces!

    My on and off theme song for years has been Steve Nick’s Sometimes it’s a B$%@#, Sometimes it’s a Breeze. Because that is the up and down nature of my life at times.

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